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Zheng Yen Rou Gui

Zheng Yen Rou Gui

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A splendid 2022 Zheng Yen rou gui from the Wu Yi protected area and more specifically from the particular terroir named "San Yang Feng". The tea has been processed traditionally and show signs of heavy roasting but after a few months of storage, the "fire taste" has decreased and the tea is now ready to be consumed. In mouth, the tea is full-bodied with a mild sweetness. The mineral character of Zheng Yen is here quite present but as the tea opens, the flowery and spicy aromas increase and balance nicely with the roasting aromas.

A classic for Wuyi oolong tea lovers. Enjoy it with another classic like a tarte tatin. The mineral and roasting side of the tea will complement very well the caramel and apple. Each order is 50gr.

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