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li yong

Ya An black tea

Ya An black tea

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The tea is presented in the form of chopped leaves with fragrances of licorice, faded flower, and dried star fruit.

On the palate, the tea liquor is round, soft, and low in tannins. In blind tasting, it is rather difficult to determine its exact profile. Upon the second infusion, the tea develops a very rich and complex profile with floral/fruity notes, honey, and a hint of woodiness. The subtle touch of sweetness enhances its almost indulgent character, despite its inherent richness.

After several infusions, it reveals itself as a black tea of remarkable smoothness and complexity, sure to delight all enthusiasts of Chinese black tea. A true UFO amongst the black tea family coming straight out of the Sichuan Agricultural University. It will astonish many in blind tastings, leaving a lasting impression with its exceptionally refreshing mouthfeel.


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