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Wen Dan - 110ml

Wen Dan - 110ml

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The Wendan teapot originated in the late Ming to early Qing period and shares a similar shape with the Xishi and Guifei teapots (also known as Meirenjian or Beauty Shoulder). During the Qing Dynasty, the literatus Wu Meiding praised the Wendan teapot, stating, "Its charm rivals that of a beauty, and its grace surpasses that of Xishi," where "beauty" refers to the Meirenjian teapot and "Xishi" to the Xishi teapot, expressing high admiration.

"Wendan" can be interpreted in three ways:

  1. "Wen" represents a gentle and quiet appearance, and "dan" refers to the female roles played in traditional Chinese opera. "Wendan" describes the gentle and graceful attributes of a woman.
  2. "Wendan" is a variety of pomelo called "Wendan you," and there is a visual resemblance between the fruit and the teapot.
  3. "Wendan" could be the name of the teapot maker.

The surface of this Zhu Ni Wendan teapot is smooth and delicate, with a warm and steady color that exudes a sense of nobility and elegance. The magic key to its charm lies in its roundness. The overall shape is rounded, featuring a bulging body that is short yet wide. The lines are simple, smooth, and rounded, imparting a feeling of solidity and stability. The teapot's spout is typically crafted in a straight flow, providing simplicity without compromising elegance. The lid follows an embedded design, forming a close connection to the teapot body and presenting a perfect unity. The knob on the lid is round, harmonizing with the shape of the teapot body.

Chaozhou Zhu Ni teapots are highly recommended for pairing with Feng Huang Dancong, also making them the perfect match for Minnan oolongs or Wuyi Yan Cha.

  • Maker: Zhang Lin Hao
  • Capacity: 110ml
  • Comes with certificate.
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