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Ta Xue Lan Fei - Orchid Scented Green Tea

Ta Xue Lan Fei - Orchid Scented Green Tea

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Originating from Mount Mengding in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, "Ta Xue Lan Fei" is a floral tea known for its refinement. Crafted from tender buds of "Mengding Xue Ya" green tea and carefully scented with spring orchids from Huangshan and Sichuan.

The slender leaves, tightly rolled showcase silver-like white hairs and a delicate green hue. The aroma carries subtle hints of orchid and the tea liquor ranges from yellow-green to tender green. In essence, "Ta Xue Lan Fei" offers a refined tea experience, inviting enthusiasts to enjoy its delicate flavors and elegant presentation. The tea provides a harmonious blend of sweetness and mellowness with a stong but refined floral profile. A must for flowery tea lovers!

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