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Si Ting - 130ml

Si Ting - 130ml

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Discover the timeless elegance of Si Ting (思亭), a traditional form deeply rooted in the history of Chinese Yixing Zi Sha teapot craftsmanship. This already "old" Yixing teapot was made using aged Tiao Sha Tie Hui Cha clay from the renowned Yixing Teapot Factory. 

Emblazoned with the seal "Ding Shan Ren" (One who is from Ding Shan), a homage to the ancient name of Yi Xing, this teapot carries a legacy of tradition and artistry. Versatile and refined, this Yixing teapot is thoughtfully recommended to accompany a variety of teas, including Oolong teas, Cooked Puer, White Tea, Red Tea, and Black Tea.

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