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Si Fang Chuan Lu

Si Fang Chuan Lu

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The "Chuan Lu" teapot, also known colloquially as the "Four Pig's Feet," derives its name from its most distinctive feature: the "pig's feet." Virtually all teapots of the "Chuan Lu" style have a base that resembles pig's feet, adopting a short cylindrical form. In terms of design, it incorporates unique rounded elements within its square form, lending it a touch of rounded elegance not commonly found in other square vessels. The design of the teapot spout presents a high level of difficulty, combining square and rounded features and often featuring a three-bend flow style, adding an extra layer of challenge to its craftsmanship.

This exquisite Si Fang Chuan Lu teapot is crafted using Wu Jin Sha clay, a blend of black clays from the early stages of the Yixing Factory recipe, and bears the seal "Shi Xiao Ma Zhi." With a capacity of 180cc, it is ideal for a variety of teas, including aged raw puer, highly fragrant oolongs, Wuyi Yan Cha and red teas.

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