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Shi Qiu - 140ml

Shi Qiu - 140ml

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The popular Lion Ball Teapot, which emerged in the 1930s, represents a common form of leisure tea ware from the late Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China. Typically featuring petal-like patterns, these teapots are adorned with a lion playing with a ball as the knob, hence the name "Lion Ball Teapot."

Also known as the "Crouching Lion Teapot," the term "lion" sounds similar to the word for "official" in Chinese. In ancient times, there were official titles like "Grand Tutor" and "Assistant Tutor," so people often use this teapot as a symbol to pray for their family's continuous prosperity and success in official careers. The most prominent feature of the Lion Ball Teapot is the crouching lion on the lid, usually crafted to be lovable and charming, creating a friendly and approachable appearance. The air hole is cleverly designed to emerge between the lion's legs, combining practicality with aesthetics.

The second characteristic of the Lion Ball Teapot is the eight-petal (or four-petal) ribbed pattern on the body. Some teapots have slightly taller bodies, but most are still shaped like flattened spheres to complement the dynamic posture of the crouching lion. The neck of the teapot and the lid are coordinated with ribbed patterns, forming an octagonal shape. Due to the relatively flat body of the teapot, the lid is shorter, providing ample space for tea leaves to expand.

Crafted from early-stage Zi Ni, this aged Shi Qiu teapot boasts a 140cc capacity. Emblazoned with the seal "Meng Chen," this versatile and refined teapot is thoughtfully recommended to accompany a variety of teas, including White Tea, Cooked Puer, Raw Puer, and Black teas.

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