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Shi Bian Hu - 160ml

Shi Bian Hu - 160ml

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Presenting an exquisite Yixing teapot crafted during the early stages of the factory's artistry. This Shi Bian (flat persimmon) was meticulously manufactured around the mid-'90s, using the well-fermented Yixing Factory's recipe Zi Ni clay. The aged Zi Ni, after a thorough fermentation process, imparts a highly porous characteristic to the final product.

With a capacity of 160cc, this teapot proudly bears the seal of Pei Shi Min, a renowned Yixing teapot master. This distinctive form is one of his signature pieces from his time working at the Yixing teapot factory. This lovely recreation is undoubtedly a salute to the great master.

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