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Jian Shi Li Xing - 100ml

Jian Shi Li Xing - 100ml

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Jian Shi "Sword-style" refers to the shape of the teapot spout. It is a straight-flow design, named after its resemblance to a traditional sword, with a thicker base tapering to a finer point. The sword-style is characterized by its simplicity, allowing for a smooth and continuous water flow.

Pear-shaped in design, simple and elegant, the pear style became a common teapot style after the Qianlong period. It is particularly cherished by tea enthusiasts for brewing and sipping tea. This style has endured through the years and is known as the "Li Xing Shui Ping". In the Minnan and Chaoshan region, owning a pear-shaped teapot is considered essential, and there's a saying: "Without a pear-shaped teapot in hand, it's difficult to express one's experiences in tea.

Chaozhou Zhu Ni teapots are highly recommended for pairing with Feng Huang Dancong, also making them the perfect match for Minnan oolongs or Wuyi Yan Cha.

  • Maker: Chen Fu Biao
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Comes with certificate.
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