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Gong Chun Hu - 220ml

Gong Chun Hu - 220ml

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In the Ming Dynasty, during the reigns of Zhengde and Jiajing, the young Gong Chun served as a book servant. Accompanying the scholar Wu Yishan to Jinsha Temple, he was inspired by the intricate patterns on a large gingko tree and created a teapot. Initially named the 'Shu Ying Hu (树瘿壶,Tree Knot Teapot),' it was later renamed the 'Gong Chun Teapot' in honor of Gong Chun, marking the first recorded piece in the history of Yixing purple clay development.

The Gong Chun Teapot's most distinctive feature is its naturalness. It seamlessly incorporates the laws of nature, from the structure of the teapot body to the spout and handle. Leveraging effects inspired by the natural image, such as tree-like patterns, ice-like cracks, and a surface resembling 'insect-eaten wood,' the design achieves a gracefully meandering and natural quality, aiming for a state of 'smooth naturalness without forced artifice. 

The shape of the Gong Chun Teapot is ever-changing, showcasing its unique aesthetics. The teapot body is graceful and generous, with round and powerful branches, dynamic and free-spirited lines, and intriguing textures. Each design aligns with reason yet often surprises, exhibiting distinct postures and tension, seemingly formless yet possessing a tangible essence, leaving one in awe.

This Gong Chun teapot undergoes kiln transformation when fired in a wood kiln—a term commonly used in traditional Chinese pottery to describe the unique and unpredictable results achieved through firing techniques. It bears the seal of Guo Liang, a well-known Yixing teapot master who consistently draws inspiration from nature, especially trees. With a capacity of 220cc, this magnificent teapot is perfect for various teas, such as: Wuyi Yan Cha, Aged White teas, Aged raw puer, high fragrance oolongs. 

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