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Da Kou Han Wa - 110ml

Da Kou Han Wa - 110ml

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Dating back to the Ming Dynasty,  the Hanwa teapot is an ancient teapot style that blends  grace with robustness but with a gentle feeling. Artisans throughout history have crafted teapots in this style, featuring a distinctive shape resembling a tile vat — a straight cylindrical body with a mid-arch, creating a tense yet elegant form. The large, round lid, slightly bulging with a subtle curve, adds to its charm. With simple lines and a dignified structure, the Hanwa teapot exudes a deep, profound charm, offering a comfortable and elegant ambiance with tasteful simplicity. This is such a great tool for oolong tea. The wide body gives plenty of room for the tea leaves to unfurl and make cleaning effortless

Chaozhou Zhu Ni teapots are highly recommended for pairing with Feng Huang Dancong, also making them the perfect match for Minnan oolongs or Wuyi Yan Cha.

Maker: Chen Fu Biao

Capacity: 110ml

Comes with certificate.

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