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Bian Li - 100ml

Bian Li - 100ml

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The pear-shaped pot, modeled after the fruit. With a body resembling a pear—narrow at the top and wide at the bottom—it is quite charming. Depending on the height of the pot body, it can be categorized as tall pear or short pear.

This short pear-shaped teapot is a classic design. With its body resembles a pear—rounded and bulging. The arched lid seamlessly fits with the pot's body, and the pressure-fitted lid and round knob or foot create a harmonious structure, integrating ventilation with clarity in design. The spout flows along with the curvature of the teapot body, and the mouth follows the end of the handle. The handle bends naturally, exhibiting beautiful and exquisite lines. The most intriguing part of the entire teapot is the spout. From the base to the tip, the two curves of the upper and lower parts exhibit different curvatures, with a continuous and varied transition in thickness, creating a rhythmic and charming effect, far from a simple transition from thick to thin.

Chaozhou Zhu Ni teapots are highly recommended for pairing with Feng Huang Dancong, also making them the perfect match for Minnan oolongs or Wuyi Yan Cha.

  • Maker: Zhang Zhi Qiang
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Filter: 7 holes
  • Comes with a certificate.
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