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Bi Tan Piao Xue - Jasmine Gan Lu

Bi Tan Piao Xue - Jasmine Gan Lu

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Jasmine tea is categorized into Fujian and Sichuan types based on distinct processing methods. Sichuan craft jasmine tea is mainly made from Sichuan southern pan-fired green tea leaves from Emei Mountain, Meng Mountain, or Yibin and jasmine flowers coming either from Guangxi or Sichuan. Whilst also known as "Piao xue",  "Bi tan Piao xue" is the specific name for Sichuan jasmine tea.

When the jasmine flowers float up, it is called "Piao xue (drifting snow)"; when the green tea sinks to the bottom of the cup, it is called "Bi tan (jade pool)". This flower tea was created by Mr. Xu Jinhua, and the name of the tea is derived from the acrostic poem:

碧岭拾毛尖 (bì líng shí máo jiān): Picking tender tips from the green hills,

潭底汲清泉 (tán dǐ jí qīng quán): Drawing clear spring water from the pond's bottom,

飘飘何所似 (piāo piāo hé suǒ sì): Drifting snowflakes, what are they like?

雪梅散人间 (xuě méi sàn rén jiān): Plum blossoms scattered in the human world."

This "Bi tan Piao xue" tea we offer that uses the early spring buds from Mount Mengding in Sichuan and jasmine flowers from Jianwei, Sichuan. It undergoes a process of 8 scentings and 1 frying, with obvious white hairs, strong tea aroma, and a taste where the tea aroma is heavier than the floral scent, making it more refreshing. A suitable scented tea for people who enjoy drinking plain green tea.


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