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2000 Liu Bao Tuo Cha

2000 Liu Bao Tuo Cha

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Produced in the Guang Xi province by the illustrious Wu Zhou tea factory, this 2000 Liu Bao Tuo Cha has been impeccably stored. A dance of mild sweetness unfolds, gracefully increasing with each infusion. The woody profile, intertwined with subtle notes of leather, creates a sensorial symphony, while the tea's density lingers satisfyingly on the palate.
This is a generous tea, poised to shine after a hearty meal, harmonizing effortlessly with a substantial dish, perhaps a comforting stew. Truly a companion in these colder times, offering warmth and depth.
Compressed in 100g portions, each 1990 Liu Bao Tuo Cha still has aging potential, promising an evolving experience with time.

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