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Aged Liu an tea

Aged Liu an tea

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Originating from the An Hui, one of the most famous province for green tea, liu an is probably one of the Chinese tea with the longest aging potential.

In the world of Liu An tea, one tea factory is above all, Sun Yi Shun. This factory is well regarded by Liu An tea collectors, which are basically the same as puerh tea; and their products have proven to go through years admirably. The oldest we were lucky enough to try was over 100 years old and it had the most distinctive camphor flavor and quite the Chi !

Here, we are proposing 2 vintages from Sun Yin Shun: 2001 and 2004. Each basket is approximatively 500gr. The taste is quite unusual for a green tea but something very familiar to puerh tea drinkers with aromatic layers evolving around woody, earthy, vegetal (beet root, spinach), chocolate with a good sweetness that increases along the brews.

Ready to drink, these rare teas with  stand the test of time and keep on aging for decades. LIMITED

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