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2024 Tai Ping Hou Kui

2024 Tai Ping Hou Kui

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Origine: An Hui province
Harvesting area: Huang Shan Hou Keng Village, Shuang Keng Group
Plantation altitude: 800~1500m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2024  (after Qing Ming before Gu Yu)
Tea varietal: Huang Shan Shi Da Ye

After many years of searching and tasting, a satisfying Taiping Houkui, the green tea king has finally returned to Jing Tea Shop's green tea selection in the spring of 2024.

This Tai Ping Hou Kui comes from the core production area, specifically the Shuangkeng group in Houkeng Village. Its appearance features two leaves embracing a bud, flat and straight, naturally unfolding. Silvery hairs are hidden, giving it the esteemed description: "Monkey King with pointed ends, not spreading, not curling, not bending." This Nie Jian Houkui boasts handmade pointed tips. During the tea-making process, tea artisans manually pinch and shape the leaves and the tips of the tea leaves to achieve a flat and pointed form.

The tea possesses a clear and sweet taste with a discernible Lan Xiang (orchid fragrance, some describe it as bamboo fragrance), providing a unique experience. In the mouth, you encounter the Hou Yun (Monkey Charm): a lingering orchid fragrance, a rich yet refreshing "discordance," and a long-lasting sweet aftertaste. While these qualities might appear commonplace in many teas, their simultaneous presence is unique to Houkui, especially its rich flavor devoid of any bitterness.



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