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2024 Huo Shan Huang Ya (Yellow Tea)

2024 Huo Shan Huang Ya (Yellow Tea)

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Origine: An Hui province
Harvesting area: Da Hua Ping, Huo Shan County
Plantation altitude: 1500~1700m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2024  pre Gu Yu
Tea varietal: Huo Shan Jin Ji Variety

Huoshan Huangya is a type of yellow tea that originated before the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty text "Supplement to the National History" by Li Zhao, Shouzhou Huoshan Huangya was listed as one of the fourteen tribute teas. In the Ming Dynasty, Wang Xiangya's "Compendium of Materia Medica" also referred to it as "the finest product of Shouzhou Huoshan Huangya."

This Huoshan Huangya tea is harvested starting in late April, with the picking standard being one bud with one leaf or one bud with two slightly opened leaves. The dry tea leaves are straight and slightly spread, uniform in appearance, resembling sparrow tongues, and have a tender green color covered in fine white hairs. The tea exudes an elegant floral and bamboo leaf fragrance. The liquor is a clear yellow-green, and the infused leaves are bright, tender yellow. The tea has a medium thickness and a smooth, oily texture, presenting a delicate orchid fragrance and a fresh chestnut aroma, with a crisp, sweet, and refreshing taste.

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