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2024 Huang Shan Lu Mu Dan

2024 Huang Shan Lu Mu Dan

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Origine: An Hui province
Harvesting area: Huang Shan She Xian
Plantation altitude: 800~1500m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2024  Ming Qian
Tea varietal: Huang Shan Tu Zhong (Da Ye Zhong)

Huang Shan Lu Mu Dan was created in 1986. The tea leaves are hand-picked and tied to form a flower weighing approximately four to five grams. The flower base and petals are neatly arranged, round and intact, resembling dark green chrysanthemums with white tips exposed. The color is yellow-green with hidden emerald hues, and the diameter is about 5.5 centimeters, making it suitable for a cup or a small teapot. The liquor is a clear emerald green, with a sweet taste and beautiful appearance, mellow and slightly sweet. The infused tea leaves are in clusters, fresh and lively yellow-green.

50g of tea contains about 10 pieces of tea flower.

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