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2024 Guang Dong Da Ye Qing (Yellow Tea)

2024 Guang Dong Da Ye Qing (Yellow Tea)

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Origine: Guang Dong province
Harvesting area: Zhao Qing Bai Ma Shan
Plantation altitude: 900 m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2024 (Ming Qian)
Tea varietal: Ben Di Da Ye Zhong

Yellow Large Tea, or Huang Da Cha, requires large branches and stems. The picking standard for fresh leaves is one bud with four or five leaves, which should be large in size with long stems.

This traditional Da Ye Qing is crafted from fresh leaves of Local Da Ye Zhong, with a picking standard of one bud with two or three leaves. The process involves rolling and twisting, followed by a Men Huang (yellowing stage) step. It is entirely handcrafted, using traditional large iron woks and firewood during the roasting process, resulting in a robust fired aroma in the finished tea. The "pan-bake aroma," often associated with traditional Da Ye Qing, resembles the fragrance of toasted rice, cereals, or freshly baked bread.

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