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2024 Gu Zhu Si Sun

2024 Gu Zhu Si Sun

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Origine: Zhe Jiang province
Harvesting area: Hu Zhou, Chang Xing County, Gu Zhu Shan
Plantation altitude: 330m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2024 (Ming Qian)
Tea varietal: Zi Sun

The landscape of Guzhu Mountain has remained harmonious and dynamic for thousands of years, seamlessly blending mountains and rivers. Lu Yu once described it, saying, "On the side of the mountain, there is the Bright Moon Gorge, with steep cliffs and a flowing stream." Naturally, Guzhu Mountain, chosen by the Tea Sage Lu Yu as his retreat in his later years, possesses unique natural advantages.

The soil in the mountainous areas of Guzhu is rich in iron, and tea plants thrive on the red gravel ground. This environment is believed to be the source of the distinctive aromas found in Guzhu Mountain tea, such as "Jin Shi Qi"—a unique fragrance embodying the mineral-rich essence of the soil.

Guzhu Zi Sun, the longest-serving imperial tribute tea in Chinese history, offers bright green brew that delivers a delicate fragrance with a cool and refreshing taste. Reminiscent of fresh spring leaves, a mineral hint complete the tea to offer a subtle depth. The tea liquor is smooth and mellow balanced by a slight sweetness and vegetal notes with a clean and crisp finish.

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