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1999 CNNP #7581

1999 CNNP #7581

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One of the very few cooked puerh tea that has the potential to be on puerh collectors' tea list

A true classic,the 7581 from CNNP. While the 7581 does remain a classic it has been critized for its quality inconsistancy and this is why Jing Tea Shop doesn't carry this puerh tea more often. Although, the inconsistancy is a major issue, the good and sometimes great productions of 7581 are enough to make us forget the others. After a few years of good storage, this 7581 is really what cooked pu erh be about. A thick and smooth body, with depth and a lovely flavor palette going on with leather and wood. The tea liquor has a lovely sweetness to it and a pretty long aftertaste, this is a great value for the price.

Origin: Meng Hai area, Yun Nan Province
Tea factory: CNNP
Year of production: 1999
Type of puerh tea: Cooked/Shu
Net weight: 250gr
Yixing teapot pairing: Qing Shui Ni, Zi Ni, Duan Ni
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