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Si Ting

Si Ting

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Liu Si Ting, a Qing Dynasty potter, crafted the iconic Siting teapot, now a cherished classic. Evolving from the pear-shaped design, it's favored for its elegance, perfect for savoring tea. The Siting teapot boasts a gourd-shaped body, gracefully curved spout, delicate loop handle, and a high, hollow lid forming a seamless vessel. With a round spherical knob, distinct feet, a clean and crisp round base, and a seamless connection using the Ming Jie technique, it showcases the graceful beauty of curves. In the Minnan region, there's a local saying: "First, nameless; second, Siting; third, Mengchen; fourth, Yigong." Siting ranks higher than Mengchen, possibly because the Siting teapot style is elegant, standing in the tea boat like a proud dragon, displaying exceptional charm.

The success of the Siting teapot lies in its ability to serve as a model for the use of curves. Delighting in the subtlety of curves not only imparts an artistic aesthetic but also brings a sense of comfort and lightness. Crafted from local Zhu Ni clay in Chaozhou, this Siting teapot boasts exceptional breathability, enriched with iron and various minerals. Using it to brew tea results in a more balanced and softened water quality, enhancing the fragrance of the tea leaves and providing a sweeter and more refreshing taste.

Chaozhou Zhu Ni teapots are highly recommended for pairing with Feng Huang Dancong, also making them the perfect match for Minnan oolongs or Wuyi Yan Cha.

  • Maker: Zhang Lin Hao
  • Capacity: 110ml
  • Comes with certificate.
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