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2000 Fu Hai brick

2000 Fu Hai brick

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All the typicity of Meng Hai tea packed in a traditional puerh tea brick. A must have for raw puerh drinker. Made of a majority of medium grade (size) leaves, this traditionally raw puerh tea really is now mature but still shows great potential. The tea taste is strong and still carry some smokiness to it. It takes quite a few brew to get and idea of the true aromatic profile of this puerh tea. One for the long term storage!

If you are interested in purchasing an original pack of 4 tea bricks please Contact Jing


Origin : Meng Hai area, Yun Nan Province
Tea factory :  Fu Hai Tea Factory
Net weight : 250gr
Storage recommendation: 2020-2035
Yixing teapot pairing: Aged Qing Shui Ni, Pin Zi Ni

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