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Wuyi Shui Jin Gui

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One of the fourth Si Da Ming Cong. Shui Jin Gui is a oolong on the spicy side with a rich folklore. Clear orange tea liquor with nice clarity. The nose gives some toastiness with spice and flower ine the back. In mouth, the tea offers a medium thick body with the spice note and layers of fruit and flower.

Origine: Fu Jian province
Harvesting area: Wu Yi Shan
Plantation altitude: ~800 above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2022
Tea varietal: Shui Jing Gui
Certification: EU-compliant


Teaware: Pin Zi Ni, Qing Shui Ni, Duan Ni, Hei Ni
Water temperature: 90-95C
Storage: Drink now, store cool and dry for 5 to 7 years
Food pairing: Pork roast with plumb