Osmanthus Long Jing Genmaicha

Osmanthus Long Jing Genmaicha

Eager to brew a traditional osmanthus-scented Long Jing, a classic Hang Zhou pairing but now absent from my collection, I improvised with my everyday Huang Zhou Long Jing #43 and a top-tier Hang Zhou golden osmanthus. My aim was to replicate the essence of this traditional scented green tea as closely as possible but inspired by the warmth of the woodstove and a memory of leftover sushi rice, I decided to craft my own Osmanthus Long Jing Genmaicha.

The initial step involved toasting the rice, a task entrusted to my dependable cast iron pan. In the initial trial, I toasted the rice over medium heat for about 30 minutes, ensuring an even roast through frequent stirring with a wooden spatula. The outcome proved promising when paired with the Long Jing and osmanthus. The tea's flavor embraced a warm toasted cereal essence, enriched by the delicate and airy vibrance of the osmanthus. Success!

chinese green tea with Jingchinese green tea with Jing

Contemplating a quicker, less hands-on approach for the second attempt, I heated the cast iron pan until smoking hot. Placing the rice, I covered it with a weight, occasionally shaking the pan. In just 10 minutes, the rice was ready. Tasting revealed similar flavors and aromas, yet this version boasted a more visually appealing appearance akin to puffed rice.
This experiment conclusively fuels my  curiosity, as I ponder the potential of various fruits, flowers, and teas matching with toasted rice. Ensuring a batch of ready rice is always at hand, I remain committed to exploring the delectable world of Genmaicha, eager to discover where it may lead me.


Here is the ratio that I used to make my cup. The one I used at the time is 220ml, and I was able to push to 3 tasty brews.

  • 1gr of osmanthus
  • 2gr of Long Jing
  • 3gr of rice
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