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Shui Ping Hu - 230ml

Shui Ping Hu - 230ml

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Shui Ping Hu "the Horizontal Teapot" hailed as the Kung Fu tea utensil king, originated in southern China alongside the Kung Fu tea tradition. In the pursuit of enhanced tea flavor extraction, practitioners ingeniously placed the teapot in hot water and poured boiling water over its surface. This practice inadvertently discovered that specific small teapots could float evenly in hot water, earning them the moniker "Shui Ping Hu - horizontal teapot". 

The Shui Ping Hu, with roots tracing back to the Ming and Qing periods, was innovated by potter Hu Mengchen. Renowned for its dedication to Kung Fu tea utensils, the Minnan region has a popular saying: "For teapots, it must be Mengchen; for cups, they must be in the Rousehn style."

The Shui Ping Hu is meticulously crafted from the early-stage aged Zhu Ni clay at the Yixing Teapot Factory, celebrated for its exceptional firing density and polished finish. This teapot, with a capacity of 230cc, bears the seal of "Zhongguo Yixing" at its base. Its practical design ensures an elegant and seamless pouring experience, preserving its timeless appeal.

Retaining its classic appearance, the Shui Ping Hu remains a captivating choice for collectors, appreciated for its historical significance and enduring charm. This teapot is especially recommended for enhancing the flavors of Feng Huang Dancong and pairs exceptionally well with Minnan oolongs or Wuyi Yan Cha teas.

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