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Pan Hu - 140ml

Pan Hu - 140ml

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During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Zisha teapot, commonly known by the Chinese through family names, had notable representatives such as the "Shi pot" crafted by Shidabin during the Wanli era of the Ming Dynasty and the "Pan pot" by Panshicheng in the later Qing Dynasty. Shidabin was a key figure representing Zisha craftsmanship in the Ming Wanli period, while Panshicheng, a significant collector, commissioned custom-made teapots in Yixing for officials, wealthy merchants, and literati during the mid to late Qing Dynasty. Here, let's delve into the significance of the Pan teapot.

The "Pan" in the Pan teapot refers to Panshicheng, a prominent figure from Fujian who settled in Guangzhou during the late Qing Dynasty. He was a respected official and wealthy businessman, inheriting and expanding the family's salt trade into maritime affairs. Panshicheng became a key figure in the Shisan Hang (Thirteen Factories) of Guangzhou, playing a significant role in the city's modern history. Within the Panshicheng family's heritage, there existed a cherished tradition of tea appreciation, coupled with a profound love for Zisha (purple clay). Consequently, Panshicheng had bespoke Zisha teapots crafted in Yixing – one for personal use and others intended for exchanges and gifts.

The form of the "Pan teapot" integrates characteristics of "Duōqiú" (ball-shaped) and "Fǎnggǔ" (antique imitation). Its body gracefully tapers, exhibiting a rounded and plump belly, offering a capacious and substantial presence. With a stable and dignified demeanor, the teapot exudes an air of elegance and composure. During the mid-Qing period, the "Pan teapot" became a representative type of Zisha teapot. Despite its relatively simple and unadorned design, it exudes an artistic style characterized by grandeur, simplicity, and clarity, earning appreciation from collectors.

This "Pan teapot" originates from the early stages of production at the Yixing Teapot Factory, crafted from Mo Lu Ni (dark green clay). With a capacity of 140ml, it bears the seal of "Zhong Guo Yixing" at its base. It is especially recommended to accompany teas like high fragrance oolong, red tea, aged white teas and Cooked puer.


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