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Duo Qiu - 260ml

Duo Qiu - 260ml

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Another classic in the world of Yixing teapot  - Duo Qiu (掇球壶). The name "掇球壶" aptly captures its essence, with "掇" suggesting the actions of picking up and stacking. "掇球" represents the distinctive design featuring three spheres – the knob, the lid, and the body of the teapot, all crafted in a spherical shape. The seamless stacking of these three spheres results in a harmoniously rounded form, embodying the quintessence of "掇球."

The overall design of Duo Qiu, while presenting a concise and static appearance, exudes a distinct sense of dynamism and powerful force. It is full, robust, and possesses a simple yet rich character, displaying a refined and reserved charm.

When viewed along the vertical axis, the teapot's shape resembles the stacking of three concentric spheres—small, medium, and large. The knob forms the small sphere, the lid encompasses the upper part of the medium sphere, and the body constitutes the lower part of the large sphere. The highest point of the knob aligns with the upper edge of the large sphere in the teapot's body. With the three spheres neatly nested, they create a harmonious and interconnected circular arrangement.

Handcrafted by the skilled artisan Gu Lingling this teapot showcases expert craftsmanship using Aged Qing Shui Ni clay, a type of Zi Ni, with a generous capacity of 260ml. It is especially recommended to accompany teas like high fragrance oolong, red tea, or raw puerh.

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