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hang zhou

Osmanthus Jiu Qu Hong Mei AA

Osmanthus Jiu Qu Hong Mei AA

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When it comes to scented tea, Zhe Jiang province doesn't really come to mind. However, they do like them and they have to be naturally scented. After introducing our osmanthus long jing, we are delighted to propose another true artisan tea.

The result is an ample and rich well rounded tea with a smooth liquor. Well balanced bittersweet cocoa powder and sweet spices mix reminiscent of Belgian ginger bread. The osmanthus is totally integrated in the tea and is felt in the back of the mouth and in the  retro-olfaction. Nice length.

A great red tea for the cold weather but it will work nicely as an iced tea. Give it a try with something chocolaty such as a dark chocolate spicy cake, a chocolate pudding, or a spicy dark chocolate mousse and if you are feeling adventurous and have some time in the kitchen, go for a Lièvre à la royale.

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