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2003 Xia Guan Tea Factory #8653

2003 Xia Guan Tea Factory #8653

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A classic that should be in every puerh tea collection! The #8653 recipe is one to go for when looking for puerh tea with aging potential that will be ready to drink between the 20 and 30 years of age. Xia Guan proposes here a raw 350gr raw beeng cha puerh tea that is quite firmly compressed and that will age for 30 years without any problem .

After 20 years of dry storage, the classic puerh tea shows no sign of humidity or off smell. In the cup, the tea soup gives a medium body tea soup which will continue to evolve. The lovely sweetness is complemented by woody notes and a flowery layer that appears in the aftertaste. Good length.

A great tea for puerh lover, at an affordable price and that will only need a couple more years to enter its mature phase. We suggest to use a pin zi ni Yixing teapot to brew this tea and it will go nicely with delicate dimsum.

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