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2024 Que She

2024 Que She

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Origine: Si Chuan province
Harvesting area: Ya An
Plantation altitude: 600~1000m above sea level
Harvesting: 2024-03-20
Tea varietal: Lao Chuan Cha

Que She tea, named after its small and delicate shape resembling a sparrow's tongue, features an exceptionally unique and intense aroma. This high-grade tea is crafted from tender buds, carefully roasted to perfection.

Also from the Sichuan Agricultural University, this very traditional Que She tea is crafted using high-mountain tender leaves sourced from Mount Mengding. In the final pan-fired stage, it undergoes a special scent-enhancing process, imparting a refreshing and smooth taste with a subtle chestnut fragrance. Following that, the tea infusion evolves into a refreshing bamboo aroma, delicate notes of white asparagus, and a subtle hint of mountain forest floral fragrance. 

A lovely green tea that will best suited by itself or could be paired with oysters or some light goat cheeses.

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