2023 Meng Ding Shi Hua
2023 Meng Ding Shi Hua

2023 Meng Ding Shi Hua

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Origine: Si Chuan province
Harvesting area: Meng Mountain, Ya An County
Plantation altitude: 800~1500m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2023 (Gu Yu)
Tea varietal: Lao Chuan Cha

Another stunning green tea from the Sichuan Agriculture University. The tea looks very even in shape and color and the sweet and flowery fragrance is very obvious. A good indicator of a lovely tea tasting to follow.

In mouth, the tea is very rounded with a medium to thick body. The tea taste is mild with a good sweetness and with right from the start a clean and pure orchid like taste. The aftertaste is long and the flowery taste keeps on building on the palate.

A real treat for green tea lovers.