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Lao Cong Ju Duo Zai

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Hailing from trees that are over 100 years old. The tea gives apricot kernel, toasted almonds in the nose. In mouth, the tea liquor is thick with a mild sweetness. A very fresh brew with hints of mint and almonds. Lovely tea taste, nice lenght. This Lao Cong Ju Duo Zai will work wonder with ewe cheese, aged or not.
Origine: Guang Dong province, Feng Huang
Harvesting area: Wu Dong Mountain
Plantation altitude: over 800m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2023
Net weight: 50gr

Teaware: Pin Zi Ni, Xiao Hong Ni, Hei Ni, Qing Shui Ni, Ben Shan Lu, Chao Zhou teapot
Water temperature: 90-95C