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Aged Milan Dancong - 15yo

Aged Milan Dancong - 15yo

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Hailing from Wudong mountain Song Zhong Dancong, this spring 2009 has matured perfectly and delivers a great experience that every oolong tea lover should encounter.

After a rinse, the tea leaves give a sweet litchi and flowers aromas with hints of menthol and tabacco. In mouth, the tea soup is full-bodied and very mellow with a lovely sweetness and a fruity taste (litchi, long gan). It is complemented by a splendid length with a refreshing feeling.

 Each order is 50gr. We suggest to brew this tea gong fu style using 8 grams of tea for 120ml. A good raised Chaozhou teapot or Yixing teapot will be a perfect match.

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