2003 Xia Guan Factory raw Bao Yan Jin Cha

2003 Xia Guan Factory raw Bao Yan Jin Cha

Jing Tea time - 03 bao yan raw puerh tea

No discernible aroma from the dry leaves which is a characteristic of properly stored aged puerh tea. The tea still shows tightness, still less than a good old 84 Xia Guan Jia Ji. The leaves have an 'oily shine' to them and the color changed from a cold green hue to a warmer shade thanks to reddish buds.

Upon brewing, the tea leaves release a pleasant and soothing wood-like essence, reminiscent of the aroma found in a well-preserved cigar box.

The liquor exhibits a captivating clarity and has transformed into a beautiful reddish-amber hue, maintaining great clarity. The aroma is subtly sweet, floral, and enriched with woody undertones. In mouth, the flavors unfold with notes of nuttiness, wood, and herbal nuances.


The tea's flavors have seamlessly matured into a harmonious fusion, yielding a rounded liquor with a lingering fresh finish. Pairing this aged puerh tea with a delicately mild-bodied, sweet cigar would surely represent a lovely indulgence according to my husband.



jing s tea time - 03 bao yan jin cha puerh tea
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