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One of the fourth Si Da Ming Cong. Shui Jin Gui is a oolong on the spicy side with a rich folklore. Clear orange tea liquor with nice clarity. The nose gives some toastiness with spice and flower ine the back. In mouth, the tea offers a medium thick body with the spice note and layers of fruit and flower
Oolong tea - Wuyi Shui Jin Gui

Shui Jin Gui

Oolong tea - Wuyi Shui Jin Gui


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The Shui Jin Gui tree is originated from the Tian Xin Temple, top of Niu Lan Keng, in Wu Yi mountain. During the Qing Dynasty, a flood took the tree down the mountain to the territory of the Lei Shi Temple. The monks from Lei Shi decided to plant the tree at the place it landed but when the monk from Tian Xin went on a search for their tree and find it at the Lei Shi Temple, they decided to get back their tree by taking the matter to the justice. The case lasted from the end of Qing Dynasty to the Early Republic or China era and was still not settled until an officer gave reason to the Lei Shi Temple by saying that the gods move the tree there so there it should be.
Since the tree was brought by water and cost a lot of money during the lawsuits, the name "Shui Jin Gui" was given to the varietal. Later on, an official member, Mr. Shi Leng, from the Guo Min Party was visiting Wuyi Mountain and was told about the story. He was so surprised and shocked that he wrote down Bu Ke Si Yi (incredible) on the wall next to the Shui Jin Gui tea tree.