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A classic tea for oolong tea lovers and certainly the most famous of the Wu Yi Si Da Ming Cong. Good clarity, medium dark tea liquor. Medium toastiness, roasted nuts, cocoa hint to the nose. In mouth, the tea is full bodied, medium to heavy toastiness, medium length with fruit and yellow flower.

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Da Hong Pao A

Da Hong Pao A

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Da Hong Pao A


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Good value, but still a very special tea. by V Lukyanov 09 Oct 2005
This is a very cheap Wuyi tea and you might expect less than what you get. Though some shops provide very heavily oxisidised Traditional Da Hong Pao teas at a very similar price they have nothing in common with this lovely and beautifully creamy tea. Everyone will notice something special about this tea, a sweet and pleasant aroma that comes out when the tea is steeped. I noticed that oversteeping is possible without due experience, especially if using a small teapot, but it is not too difficult to get it right with this tea.

Overall, price and taste combined this is a wonderful tea.

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