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A beautiful find and another great tea from the Meng Ding research center. This lovely red tea offer roses in the nose but also in the mouth. The mild body liquor reveal the rose aromatics right away with a light sweetness which will increase along the brewing experience. The rose aroma is very distinct and really makes of this tea a one of a kind. A kind that deserve a special match like a Morrocan M'Hanncha pastry.
Red tea - Chuan Hong Gong Fu

2019 - Chuan Hong

Red tea - Chuan Hong Gong Fu


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Distinctive and delicious by Hrafn Asgeirsson from Reykjavik Iceland
17 May 2019
Ordered 25g to try - wish I had gotten at least 100g! A very distinctive tea - the usual labels of 'malty', 'floral', 'fruity', etc, don't seem to apply easily here. The tannins are robust yet pleasant, and there is perhaps a fruity quality to it, but in a way that reminds me more of qualities associated with red wine tasting than how we tend to think of fruitiness in tea terms. The tea obviously doesn't taste like wine (and shouldn't), but the association perhaps gives some idea both of its character and its distinctiveness.

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