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Our latest release from our farm in An Xi. Traditionally processed, shaped and roasted with hard-wood charcoal. The roasting is medium-high and it took a good half year before we found the tea to be ready for consumption. The roasting brings a lovely honey layer with a mild sweetness. The liquor is full-bodied, rounded and soft. The tea evolves nicely along the brews to release an elegant flowery layer. Nice lenght.

This Tie Guan Yin wasn't roasting for aging, this is a tea that is ready to drink now but that will keep well for at least a year. We recommend to use Gong Fu style brewing.

Anxi oolong - Frog legs Tie Guan Yin

Frog legs Tie Guan Yin

Anxi oolong - Frog legs Tie Guan Yin


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