Customer Testimonials

"Many thanks to Seb and Jing for creating and supporting their shop! Ive ordered much of the tea and some pottery and everything I get is of the superior quality, the service is fast and very attentive to customers, relationships between us is not like business but much more personal. Im really happy to meet these nice people Jing and Seb!"
Alexander, Russia

"I was looking for some special teapot, but could not find any precise information about clay or firering temperature, before I met JingTeaShop. Seb and Jing got a really impressive knowledge of the world of tea and the most important you can feel passion for this world ! All they are providing is issue from this superior knowledge and passion. They found me the perfect teapots for the teaI drink, and of course some more tea too. Many thanks to you."
Gerald, France

"I am very picky tea drinker and was troubled to find the good source to get high quality Chinese tea from the US. I came accross Jing Tea Shop online store and ordered the Oolong and Tie Kwan Yin samples. I got my order carefully packed with some extra samples of other tea. I am very happy with the product quality and already place another order. Thanks for being in the market so I don't have to go to China just to get tea."
Doan-Trang Tran, Redondo Beach, California

"Superior Tea Knowledge ! Excellent Service ! The Most Superb Teas On Planet Earth ! This outstanding quality of tea (I have discovered only from the Jing Tea Shop) can provide such amazing numbers of infusions. Pure Ambrosia ! It is like drinking Pure Chi ! Total Exhilaration For Your Taste Buds ! You owe it to yourself, please let Jing and Sebastien help you discover the Greatest Tasting Teas In The World ! "
Steve G, USA

"I was looking for the internet store to help me with my first raw pu-erh experience. After browsing and checking a lot of them I've chosen Jing Tea Shop since it has an excellent reputation in tea community and also offers nice choice and reasonable prices. And I was just right! I have been given a lot of useful advices while choosing the tea and now I'm very happy drinking my first raw pu erhs along with a few very good oolongs! Thank you so much! Can't wait for my next order!"

"The personal attention and service I have experienced with Jing Tea Shop is above and beyond the call of duty. Rest assured the tea will be of the best quality and the service will more than exceed your expectations. I feel like I have a personal friend guiding me through the wonderful world of tea."
Dale, USA

"From happy experience I can recommend They carry a good range of tea and the service is wonderful!"
Anne, UK

"I am just now swooning over a cup of An Ji Bai Pian, a sample courtesy of Jing Tea Shop - one of the nicer '05 greens I've yet had. Bravo!"
Peter, USA

"The tea is going fantastically, I love it. I love the flavour and the way the needles sink to the bottom of the cup after they have seeped for a little while."
Vanessa, Australia

"I'm very pleased with the gaiwans: they are carefully and finely crafted. Thank you for your excellent service."
Fr. Damascene, USA

"Your website is a pleasure to use. Not only is it functional and fast, but it's also attractively designed and the text is very well-written."