About us

Inspired by centuries of tea tradition, the idea of sharing the passion and the tea culture came to life with the creation of an online site www.jingteashop.com. The goal was to allow for fellow tea lovers from all around the world to be able to discover and buy teas produced in the traditional way. Going further with the concept of truly sharing information about the culture, Jing Tea Shop also offers one on one customer communication to allow the potential buyer to learn more about which tea he/she could try or wished to try.

Jing Tea Shop has been sending Chinese tea to over 25 countries and own their success in part due to the help of people whom combined together, offer more than 200 years of experience in the tea trade and tea farming. A special thank you to their Master Chen, a 4th generation Master whose family has been involved in the tea trade since the Qing Dynasty and who has accepted exceptionally to be part of Jing Tea Shop's team

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"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage"

- Catherine Douzel -