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Feng Huang - Lao Cong Milan Dancong

Lao Cong Milan

Feng Huang - Lao Cong Milan Dancong



After 3 years on the waiting list, we are finally thrilled to be able to propose a rare dancong. Originated from three trees that are close to 80 year old, this is a dancong oolong tea with depth and finesse. Full-bodied. High, yet delicate layers of flowers and fruit (litchy) with a good length.


Net weight: 50gr canister
Origine: Guang Dong province
Harvesting area: Feng Huang, Wu Dong mountain
Plantation altitude: 800~1000m above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2018 (Ming Qian)


Yixing: Chaozhou teapot, pin zi ni, xiao hong ni
Water temperature: 95C
Storage: Drink within 3 to 5 years, store cool and dry

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