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Raw puerh - Aged Ba Da brick

Raw puerh - Ba Da Zhuang Cha
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Aged puerh lovers will store 10 more years this well balanced 100% Ba Da Mountain raw puerh tea

Origine: Yun Nan Province
Harvesting area: 100% Ba Da Mountain
Vintage: Spring 2006
Tea varietal: Yun Nan Da Ye
Net weight: 250gr
Eye: Very well stored tea, clean, no sign of humid storage. Clear tea liquor that starts to show evolution
Nose: Hint of smokiness, woody, touch of leather
Mouth: The first few brews reveal a mix of smoke, wood, a mild sweetness and good length.
After a couple of brews, the tea shows a more complex profile with an increase in aromatic and touches of mint that add freshness. The supple and full-bodied tea liquor creates a lovely coating on the palate adding considerable length to the aftertaste.
Yixing pairing: Ben Sha Lu, Qing Shui Ni, Pin Zi Ni, Duan Ni
Water temperature: 100C
Aging potential: Drink now and store for the next 10 years

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