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Raw puerh - Ba Da Zhuang Cha
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Raw puerh - Aged Ba Da brick

Raw puerh - Ba Da Zhuang Cha
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Aged puerh lovers will store 10 more years this well balanced 100% Ba Da Mountain raw puerh tea. Very well stored tea, clean, no sign of humid storage. Clear tea liquor that starts to show evolution. Hint of smokiness, woody, touch of leather. The first few brews reveal a mix of smoke, wood, a mild sweetness and good length. After a couple of brews, the tea shows a more complex profile with an increase in aromatic and touches of mint that add freshness. The supple and full-bodied tea liquor creates a lovely coating on the palate adding considerable length to the aftertaste.


Origine: Yun Nan Province
Harvesting area: 100% Ba Da Mountain
Vintage: Spring 2006
Tea varietal: Yun Nan Da Ye
Net weight: 250gr


Yixing pairing: Ben Sha Lu, Qing Shui Ni, Pin Zi Ni, Duan Ni
Water temperature: 100C
Aging potential: Drink now and store till 2025

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