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Raw puerh - 2006 Jia Ji Yin Cha

Raw puerh - 2006 Nan Qiao
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A good traditional raw pu erh for those who seek an affordable tea to age or to enjoy right away.

Origine: Yun Nan Province
Harvesting area: Meng Hai area
Certification: Organic food
Harvesting: Spring 2006
Tea varietal: Yun Nan Da Ye
Thick body, clear very light amber tea liquor, mild smokiness in the first brew, good freshness, medium to high sweetness, flowery, nice length. A good traditional pu erh for those who seek puerh tea to age. A great drink now nonetheless.
Yixing pairing: Pin Zi Ni, Qing Shui Ni
Water temperature: 95C
Storage: Drink now and store for another 25 years
Food pairing: Quiche


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