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Raw puerh - 2006 Nan Qiao

Raw puerh - 2006 Jia Ji Yin Cha

Raw puerh - 2006 Nan Qiao



A good traditional raw pu erh for those who seek an affordable tea to age or to enjoy right away. Thick body, clear very light amber tea liquor, mild smokiness in the first brew, good freshness, medium to high sweetness, flowery, nice length. A good traditional pu erh for those who seek puerh tea to age. A great drink now nonetheless.


Origine: Yun Nan Province
Harvesting area: Meng Hai area
Certification: Organic food
Harvesting: Spring 2006
Tea varietal: Yun Nan Da Ye


Yixing pairing: Pin Zi Ni, Qing Shui Ni
Water temperature: 95C
Storage: Drink now and store for another 20 years
Food pairing: Quiche

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