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Private sale - 96 #7542

Aged raw puerh - 96#7542

Private sale - 96 #7542
Private sale - 96 #7542
Private sale - 96 #7542
Private sale - 96 #7542




Origine: Yun Nan province
Harvesting area: Meng Hai area
Producer: Meng Hai Tea Factory
Recipe: #7542
Vintage: 1996
Net weight: 25gr

For the last 10 years, the 1996 #7542, also known as "Water Blue Label" has been one of the most sought after by puerh tea collectors in China. According to puerh tea collectors, this vintage holds even greater promises than the famous 88-7542.

We made this tea available in our tea shop quite a few years ago and some of you puerh enthusiasts purchased a couple of pieces. This is a great occasion to taste the tea without breaking a piece!


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