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Traditional Wu Yi Shui Xian

Oolong tea Traditional Wu Yi Shui Xian
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Origine: Fu Jian Province
Harvesting area: Inner Wu Yi
Harvesting: ~ 600 meters above sea level
Plantation altitude: Spring 2013
Tea varietal: Shui Xian
This Wu Yi Shui Xian was heavily fermented and baked with hard wood charcoal thus making it a oolong tea that can be stored for a few years. When storing oolong tea with the though of opening it a few years later, it is best to use a porcelain canister and make sure it is airtight. We do not recommend to use Yi Xing canister as those are porous and in just a few months, or a year, the tea will have lost a lot of fragrance.
Eye: Light amber
Nose: Toasty, flowery, touch of acidity and sweetness
Mouth: Medium thick tea liquor, mild acidity, flowery, good freshness, long and sweet aftertaste
Yixing pairing: Ben Sha Lu, Duan Ni, Hei Ni, Qing Shui Ni
Water temperature: 90C-95C
Storage: Drink now, store cool and dry for 5 to 7 years
Food pairing: Cinnamon roll

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Superb, 12 Mar 2007
by Leif

I was given a sample of this tea as part of a larger order and will be ordering a larger quantity as it is quite wonderful. A small quantity of leaves produces an orange liqueur with an incredible caramel and honey flavour, with an Oolong background and a remarkable sweetness without a trace of bitterness. The second infusion is almost as good as the first. It puts to shame the Oolong sold in Chinese supermarkets in England.


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