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Traditional Zheng He Bai Mu Dan

White tea - Zheng He Bai Mu Dan
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Lots of layers and a strong tea taste. This is one white tea that will keep up with hearty dishes!

Origine: Fu Jian Province
Harvesting area: Zheng He
Plantation altitude: Spring 2013
Tea varietal: Da Bai Hao
Roasting: 10 hours on wood charcoal
In 1922, Jiang Yang county developped this lovely white tea. Then, Zheng He county started to produce the Bai Mu Dan white tea, and became the main producing area for high quality Bai Mu Dan. The Bai Mu Ban tea from the Fuding County is considered to have the best appearance while the tea from the Zheng He County is considered to be more tasty and flavorful.
Eye: Clean yellow tea liquor
Nose: Flowery, hint of honey
Mouth: Thick body with good depth, touch of charcoal roast. A bit of rose, some wild aspergus. Good sweetness and long aftertaste
Yixing pairing: Ben Sha Lu, Qing Shui Ni
Water temperature: 90C
Storage: Drink now and store for the next 10 years
Food pairing: Dim sum

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Lovely White Tea, 24 Jan 2009
by Tera

The Zheng He Bai Mu Dan is a wonderful white tea. It has a gentle sweetness to it, silky smooth mouth feel and light acid finish to it which makes it very refreshing on a hot day or as dessert after a meal.

A wonderful fruity tea., 30 Mar 2007
by Leif

The taste is wonderful. It is very fruity, with a nice acidity and sweetness. About 3g of leaves in a mug will give three infusions before the tea starts to get weak. Boiling water is okay. Recommended.


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