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Dan Cong Red Tea

Red tea - Dancong Red
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A trully rare an unique red tea from Guang Dong province. One of Jing Tea Shop's best discovery.

  • Origine: Guang Dong province
  • Harvesting area: Wu Dong Shan
  • Plantation altitude: 500m above sea level
  • Harvesting: Spring 2016
  • Tea varietal: Shui Xian
  • Standard: EU-Compliant
  • Yixing: Qing Shui Ni
  • Water temperature: 90-95C
  • Storage: Drink now, store cool and dry
  • Food pairing: Chocolate

Dancong red tea offers a clear red liquor. The dry leaves nose give sweet potato, litchi, some creaminess. Almost a candy like fragrance. In mouth, the dancong red tea is full bodied, quite bold but yet delicate with nice layers of red fruits and flowers. The tea offers a lovely freshness with a mild sweetness and is completed with a good length.

For the fifth year, we are very proud to propose red tea lovers this quite exotic and very rare red tea. Traditionally, there are no red tea in Wu Dong but after a few trials, our friend was able to create a new type of red tea.

Dancong red tea map by Jing Tea Shop

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Lychee notes, 30 May 2012
by Sophie Brissaud from 75 France

This tea is a delight. I get very fruity notes from it: mostly lychee, with a touch of preserved citrus peel. Extraordinary.

My favorite tea, 15 Apr 2012
by Luanne Fliss from Missouri United States

I got this as a sample before it was on the website, and I've been in love with it ever since. I get orange and honey flavor, it is quite sweet. Smooth and leaves such a delicious flavor. It is so worth it.


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