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Puerh tea - 2004 Haiwan Lao Tong Zhi Beeng

Raw puerh - 2004 Lao Tong Zhi

Puerh tea - 2004 Haiwan Lao Tong Zhi Beeng



A traditional pu erh tea from a now well-established tea factory. This is a perfect puerh tea for those who are looking for tea to store for a long time. The tea is strong and the wet tea leaves have a delicate flowery aromas. This puerh tea still has that traditional bitterness that turns sweet" characteristic of raw pu erh tea that needs long term storage to refine its aromas. A puerh tea that can deliver many brews. A traditional raw pu erh tea from the now well-established tea factory Haiwan. Lovely potential!


Origin : Meng Hai area, Yun Nan Province
Tea factory : Haiwan Tea Factory
Net weight : 400gr
Type of puerh tea : Raw/Sheng
Year of production : 2004
Storage recommendation: 2014-2020
Yixing teapot pairing: Aged Qing Shui Ni, well seasoned Xiao Hong Ni, Pin Zi Ni

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