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Single Bush Lao Cong Zhi Lan

Dancong Oolong Tea - Lao Cong Zhi Lan
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Origin :

Feng Huang Town, Guang Dong Province

Harvesting area :

Zi Mao Village, Wu Dong Mountain

Harvesting :

Spring 2016

Net weight :

50gr (in canister)

Plantation altitude :

Over 800 meters above sea level

Yixing teapot pairing :

Pin Zi Ni, Xiao Hong Ni, Hei Ni, Qing Shui Ni, Ben Shan Lu, Chao Zhou teapot

Dry leaves appearance : The tea leaves are tender, soft, small, but strong. The size and texture of the leaves testify that the tea come from aged trees. Due to the high level of its growing location, even though this Zhi Lan dancong has been brewed for times, its leaves won't fully open, which is one of the characters of the high mountain tea. The goldish touch combined with a almost purple hint on the leaves that gives the indentity of Wu Dong Shan Dancong.

Aroma : The tea gives a very pleasant and complex aroma, which we can find a dry mint with fresh honey at the first sniff. Further, a cooked water chestnut with cane sugar rise up and followed by a orchid aroma at the end.

Liquor : The tea liquor shows a beautiful goldish color with excellent clarity.


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